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Penis in drawer murderer gets 18 years

The court heard how Mr Pryce had told two friends from school he planned to make use of "the pleasure of the penis".

He also said he wanted to marry a girl aged under eight so his parents would be able to help support him "when he gets old".

"I love it - a bit like riding a horse," he told another friend.

Image caption The court heard Mr Pryce had confessed to stabbing three women to death

Mr Pryce was also found to have given money to a girl from his first marriage to spend on alcohol for her wedding.

The court heard Mr Pryce bought a house in Stornoway, near Newcastle, to live in and was concerned he was spending time with girls.

Mr Pryce and his wife bought a $20,000 Lamborghini Gallardo with the intention of visiting Barcelona, Spain in October last year but he failed to appear, the court heard.

His girlfriend found her phone messages from the former lover and his new friend.

"They're calling me - do you know how I am feeling? My cock's stuck in your hand," Mr Pryce wrote to her two days after they met.

"I don't know if I have ever done this before - and you thought your mother loved me or something like that - but this is how it is for me. God made me a man for a reason. I'm not in this for myself - I'm not making any excuses. I was made for this - I am not going to change but I need to go for help."

Mr Pryce, whose criminal record included manslaughter, rape and indecent assault, is due to appear at Newcastle Crown Court on 16 April. 
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Thailands king urges restraint in wake of muslim fanatic attacks

Muslim brother: 'We don't kill those who don't believe in us'

Paris attacks: What we know so far

French police raid home of imam who called for attack

Shocked Parisian converts to Islam vow to 'protect our culture'

The Muslim community was shocked by the killings, including in the northern towns of Molenbeek, Bordeaux, Rennes and Poitiers.

"You just want it to end in tears, but you can't calm it down because you feel like it is your blood you spilled," said Muslim lawyer Mohammed Ayoub, 30, whose wife was at the church with their two children and grandchildren.

"Why do you go to church and then murder in the mosque?" Ayoub said of a call he received last Friday night, calling for "holy war."

One of the victims of the Paris attacks, a French national whose name is being withheld to protect his identity, told The New York Times that he left Islam after years of being "unhappy" with his life in France.

"There were all these wars — that were going on across the world," the man said, adding that he was angry about France's government's handling of Islam. "I wanted to change my way of thinking, to say to everyone that there were two types, you have the true believers and the unbelievers."

His name and other details of his life and death were not being made public.

An eyewitness said the gunman was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, a vest that would have allowed him to have a gun under a thin material. A witness told French television that the attacker was carrying knives and a gun with a silencer, suggesting he carried out the attack before being shot by police.

"We have a feeling that he planned it a long time ago," said an aide to the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. "It appears that he knew what was going to happen."

French President Francois Hollande called for a "great and strong Europe." "In the name of a great nation, France will stand resolute," Hollande said.

The attack was the deadliest and most devastating act of terrorism to hit France in decades. The two attackers, aged between 18 and 24 years old, were shot dead by police, while one of the attackers was shot and wounded by a police officer.

The police operation was the latest in a series of raids nationwide and in a number of smaller incidents around France this week. In the southern village of Arlonne, there was a massive police presence in shops and home to some 40,000 people.

At a community centre in the Sein


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