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Summit to review kimberley environment research in Colorado.

The report found that, in the past 12 months, snowfall has dropped by almost half in Colorado, and that the air has warmed more than usual.

In addition, the temperature has gone up, and summer is looking much longer. 
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Aerial search on for far west petroleum company:

MARK BASSON / AAPRICK REUTER/FAIRFAX NZ The search was lifted at 14.21am, but the company's website is still closed.

In a statement earlier today, the NZ Oil and Gas Board had been unable to answer any of the queries we'd sent in asking how the search had worked out. "We have no idea as to how the site will be served at this time," said a spokesperson.

It's understood the site will open again just after 5pm today, after which the NZOB would open with a commercial.

Basson told us he was hoping to find something, "but for now, we haven't found anything yet."

MARK BASSON / AAPRICK REUTER/FAIRFAX NZ A member of the NZOBB stands by during the search and rescue operation.

Search teams were still on scene at around 4.40pm, and the company said the website was working as of 5pm.

The site will remain closed for over three hours, and the only source of energy is a diesel generator. The generator was turned off due to poor electrical supply at the facility, so the search team had to drive up a long driveway leading up to the site to get it back online.

MARK BASSON / AAPRICK REUTER/FAIRFAX NZ Search teams searched the seafloor yesterday, with a member of the NZOBB helping the investigation.

On Thursday, Newshub was told NZ Oil had announced a $75m capital expenditure for the $20bn-plus exploration and production programme in 2016-17, following disappointing results in 2014-15. The company also spent $7.6m this year on improvements in operations, with more spending set to be made next year.

MARK BASSON / AAPRICK REUTER/FAIRFAX NZ Search team members continue searching yesterday.

Newshub has asked how the company got so far off track over the last two years with so little in place to begin with, including the discovery of the $2.9bn South Island-China Petroleum Block, which could help expand its exploration in that market.

As well as looking for oil near the north coast of New Zealand's South Island, the company recently announced it would be studying whether exploration activity on its offshore leases off the coast of England could provide the company with the cash to buy its future oil deposits from the Government.

MARK BASSON / AAPRICK REUTER/FAIRFAX NZ The Newshub reporter was not able to watch the oil search this morning.


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