32  #file_links["C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\xrumer\pubglinkEng.txt",1,L]  投稿者: ◆nFDihfY   投稿日時:2020/05/13(水) 18:05:02              
<a href=https://kiva-hack.ru/chity-na-pubg-lite/><img src="http://kiva-hack.ru/img/greenlizard.webp"></a> 
Supported OS / Windows 8 | 8.1 | 10 x64 
Private cheat for Pubg Lite - GreenLizard, does not integrate into the gameplay, but works through Overlay. 
Enemy boxes 
Enemy Health 
Distance to enemies 
Highlighting the most important loot 
Silencers (AR, SR); 
Equipment (lvl3); 
AR (M416, SCAR-L, AUG A3); 
SR (m24; Carabiner 98 Kurtz; SCS; MINI-14); 
Medicines (large and small first-aid kit, syringe); 
Sights (Red collimator, x4, x6, x8) 
For all questions, write to the contacts below: 
VK: https://vk.com/nevzorov.roman 
Telegram: https://t.me/roman_nevzorov 
BUY CHEET ONLINE ACTIVATION-->: <a href=https://kiva-hack.ru/chity-na-pubg-lite/>  new cheats pubg lite  </a>
Video review: 

Open for cooperation


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